When you almost die but you don’t

Today was rough. I’m not gonna lie. I spent most of the day feeling sorry for myself. I was in great pain, and without any way to fend for myself, I figured I’d just sleep through it. Through influenza.

But that’s not how you survive. And I know a thing or two about a close brush with death. So after Instacart had cancelled two of my CVS orders for Theraflu and soup seemed like too much effort to go down and upstairs for, I pushed through the pain and dehydration to get what I needed to feel better. I didn’t get this far just to give in to illness, albeit severe illness. Ugh, three time in under a year in a half with this influenza.

All these lessons are how I’m going to survive. Get hard. Thrive. Shoot to the moon. But it comes at a cost. I jut can’t live beyond my means. Lesson yes. Energy poverty, no. Just get close enough to the cut without bleeding out.

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