Side gigs and the hustle

Of all the Tinder related businesses I’m going to start, one of them will be photography for douches. Men seem to think these photographs are necessary, so I might as well help them and make money on it. Photo shoot packages will include:

1) outdoor photo of customer in front of waterfall showing he is outdoorsy and romantic

2) photo of customer with a puppy/kitten/nephew/niece showing his softer side

3) candid photo of customer caught mid-laugh amongst identical friends who are all dressed in groomsmen garb showing he likes fun and is a guy’s guy

4) irreverent photo of the customer holding up Tower or Pisa/Eiffel Tower/Great Pyramid/other preferred monument showing he is a consummate but affable world traveler

5) journalistic style photo of customer performing stand up/skateboarding/playing drums/giving Ted Talk showing he is not your average bear

Premium douchebag packages come with the choice of a drugged tiger shot OR a shot of the customer on a private plane/yacht/race car/downhill skiing.

Customized packages for men of Raya or Luxy. Price on request.

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