My money maker

In Williamsburg. My Uber driver and I talked on the way from Bed Stuy. He said I had a very nice face and if I needed work, I would make an excellent courier. For coke. That there’s a need for people like me. And with this puss, no one would ever suspect. I didn’t shut him down because it was interesting. And I know people who seriously could benefit from an extra $250 a night.

Plus it’s kinda fun to rub elbows with the underbelly. Unfortunately, this is not the droid he was looking for.

PJ, a friend, is playing at Radegast. Goddamn good, great, amazing jazz. For white people who just want to talk cryptocurrency and beach plans for the weekend.

I just drank a Heff and it was so good I’m writing home about it. Cloves. Mmmm.

The weather is balmy. It’s the beginning of summer. Memorial Day weekend. And I am so very, very happy. Even if the rats are taking over Brooklyn.

The rats of Brooklyn have gotten the Gray Lady’s attention

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