This is what I came for

I got real sick my first week in Brooklyn. My lungs are still singing the mating call of the consumptives. That first week was real rough. Having the flu all on your own while sleeping on half a couch and having CVS cancel your NyQuil order three times will do that to you. At my lowest, I was eating chicken soup on the bottom step of my apartment building while I waited for CVS to show up (the building has no buzzer and I couldn’t walk up and down three flights of stairs over and over).

I was starting to doubt my resolve.

But there was furniture to build. So I asked around and it turned out Task Rabbit is the way to go. Task Rabbit is like Tinder dating for when you want your furniture to get screwed instead of yourself. So even some of those guys are smarmy monsters. Like this one:

If I learned anything that first week here it’s that you have to sometimes throw money at problems. Even Michael was appalled that I entertained inviting friends to help me build stuff. In his tax bracket, it’s not even a consideration.

So I ordered a bunch of food from Fresh Direct, with the help of my new friend Jeremy, and I hoped that people would show.

Nathalia handled most of the building. Maddie talked to Wayfair on the phone and ordered a box spring AND got me money back!!! Erica hooked me up with Moody, a mover. Moody brought a bottle of Two Buck Chuck. And Jozelle was awesome about the whole thing.

Friends made friends with friends. And I got 262 hugs hello from people who love me and whom I love in return. They’re excited for me.

That first week here was a slap in the face. Get your shit together. Last night was all about trusting my instincts and realizing that yes, this feels right.

Now, to find a job.

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