Oy with the poodles already!

I’ve said a lot about this one.

The Odyssey Storytelling November 2018

Of all the people I ever met, he was one I wish was still around. But if it can’t be, then at least I have my memories. And the knowledge that I know how to pick them.

For a while, my top Google search was, “What time is it in Israel?” For a while, I was beautiful and sexy and smart, as confirmed by a guy whose dark eyes and magical smile transmitted in packages and protocols over a sea and an ocean and a continent. I aspired to be all the things he saw in me.

I don’t know how it happened. But it’s not for me to question at this hour. Instead, I will marvel at that person who was capable of holding this man’s attention. A boastful me, a me with more swagger, would say I can find ten like him in the Lower East Side. Guys who come from money, with good hair and clothes. Guys who could be in The Strokes. But I already tried my hand at that type. And I rarely double down on any type.

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