Just the facts:

  • Saw Rooney (well just Robert Schwartzman) at Murmrr last night
  • Hung out with Nathalia
  • Met her friend Bob, who is an acclaimed music producer and his friends (a cool kid named Jon, who got kicked out of the Park Slope Co-Op, and Megan who was something else)
  • Lowkey partied at his place til 4 something a.m.
  • Dissed Christina Aguilera only to find out Bob “Bassy” Brockmann had a Grammy on his desk for an album he produced of her music.
  • Felt vindicated that it was her Spanish language album that was absolute shit.
  • Starting to understand what it’s like to be Edina and Patsy on AbFab.
  • Plotting for the show at Elsewhere tomorrow with Mark motherfucking Ronson.
  • Ending 39 on a high note. Kicking out the jams.

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