Mexico Lindo y Querido

Waking up and going for a pre-breakfast walk on the beach.

Fresh cut papaya. Chilaquiles con crema. Menudo, the white kind.

Beer out of the ice chest. The cool drops that fall on skin.

Air so hot and dry it sucks the moisture out of eyeballs.

Diesel fumes from the boat. The hum of an engine. The gentle rocking on the water.

Entering a cold, air conditioned bedroom after sunning on the beach.

Fresh scallops covered in salt, lime and chile, served with cucumber and onion. Firm to the touch and sweet to taste.

Napping in a bathing suit while listening to waves hit the shore. Sand in the sheets. A bit of a sunburn.

Watching the stars, unfiltered by humidity or smog, as they pierce through the night sky. And then seeing the Milky Way.

I miss Mexico.

Vicente Fernandez—Mexico Lindo y Querido

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