I feel like glitter

I identify with Carrie so much. So so much. You can tell how I’m feeling by my glitter too. Right now I have eyelids covered in glitter. It’s 3:30 a.m. I sprayed a friend with edible glitter earlier tonight.

I know what it is to need tricks to bring yourself back from the brink of devastation. To have to bootstrap yourself out of depression. To have only yourself to depend on when things feel awfully tragic.

And so those of us who know how profoundly awful it can get carry glitter. Or glow sticks. Or sparkly shoes. We have to be our own source of light when all around us seems bleak. To speak the truth would be to break down with no hope of gaining forward momentum. But to make the world a bit more whimsical or colorful, that is our gift. We come across as silly. Flakey. Ridiculous. We have no choice. Anything else would bring all of the heavens down upon our heads and render us over.

Carrie Fisher Glitter Bombs

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