Left of west and coming in a hurry with a fury

It feels like the end, doesn’t it? At least to people with perception. I find myself holding back in mixed company. My ranting sounds crazy to the unenlightened. But when I am around those who truly see what’s going on, we acknowledge the truth. The time for lamentations and sardonic postings on social media is over. The only thing left is action.

I posted this on Facebook today:

Everyone who cares already knows. They know that guns kill. And video games don’t. They know that mental illness isn’t the reason we’re here. They know that way more people in this country harbor racist feelings than we allow ourselves to acknowledge. They know our government is broken and who is to blame. That our kids suffer from trauma inflicted by the very idea that no one and nowhere is safe.

Memes, posts, petitions, letters to editors, marches, t-shirts with slogans…none of it is going to make a difference at this point.

Your apathy, your failure to do something the first time this happened, your oh so virtuous civility, your choice to not speak up, your choice to let your relatives speak their minds when what they said was poisonous, your agreement to disagree, your decision to shield your family from what has been going on outside of your bubble, your refusal to stop shopping at stores that carried guns…

THAT is what already determined the future. You already did your bit.

And I mean it. Every word. How many people thought it was better to maintain good relationships with their NRA member friends and families? Because, aside from the obvious association with evil, they were good people. How many people love their pro-life relations even if they spew hate and filth in the streets of our nation? When do we call people what they are? When do we shame them for their cruelty and hypocrisy to their faces instead of posting memes in echo chambers? When do we admit that what the world needs right now isn’t civility and understanding, but a giant fucking purge?

That’s the kind of stuff I don’t say in public. At least not to the majority of people because frankly, most of the world is populated by idiots whose worldviews can be encapsulated by a slogan on a t-shirt.

I don’t give a fuck if it doesn’t sound nice. If I don’t sound ladylike. If it upsets anyone’s sensibilities. The fact is that mouth breathing cousin fuckers dominate and we keep tripping over ourselves not to disturb them. But I’m done.

In Houston, I met a woman from Denmark. She was attending the same conference I was: a conference on the emotional needs of gifted people (SENG). This frizzy haired nobody spent 45 minutes of my time trying to convince a friend and me that Muslim men want to rape European women as part of their Islamic conquest of the west. That Europe under the Union would be reduced to a continent of mud people. That Europe was better the way it was before radicalized Muslims were allowed in. And that Jews have it real rough now because of radicalized Muslims.

I told her that Jews had it much worse, back in the days when white Europeans allowed Nazis to round the Jews up and kill them. She didn’t like it. And then I told her that in Mexico, the country from which I was born, we had our own problem with religious zealots. They showed up on our shores, empty handed, only to force their way onto our land. They raped our women. They forced everyone to convert and denounce their own traditions. They were white Europeans and they never once apologized for the horror they rendered upon an entire continent.

And then I got up, because there was nothing more that idiot was ever going to say that I would want to hear. It was just enough to confirm what I already knew: that white supremacy and fascism are not just an American problem. This shit is going on in a systemic way. And this is not going to be turned around by anybody posting memes or political cartoons. It’s gone too far. This is going to play itself out in violent ways.

Chickens come home to roost, my friends. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but everyone’s been closing their eyes for way too fucking long. And the sooner you realize it, the sooner you get hep to the idea, the better off we’ll be. Because the other side knows. They’ve been gearing up since long before you even had the first inkling their barrels were point at you.

When will you stop conceding your principles to civility and fear? What is actually worth fighting for?

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