Baby, now that I’ve found you I won’t let you go

Last night I went to a history roast at Caveat with Maddie. It was a comedy show wherein comedians did power point presentations taking down the English, serial killers, Cleopatra and Bob Dylan.

I laughed so hard. It felt great to be at an intimate show. And afterwards, we talked to two of the comedians. Both girls. And they gave me a lot of information and were just generous and awesome in general.

Female comedians are among the best people on Earth. I will stand by this remark until the day I die.

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Sometimes, NYC is so beautiful that just walking down the street seems like an indulgent pleasure. Yesterday I felt like I was in a dream. That I was experiencing deja vu. I must have walked five miles around the LES and SoHo without a single thought of the pain I’ve been in. It was just glorious.

I’ve never felt so very much at home than here in this city. It’s not easy. But for me…is it cliche to say that I’ve found my home at last?

And then at night, Maddie and I were walking towards the train on Delancey…and let me tell you…it’s not a pretty spot. It’s devoid of any noticeable charm. This couple walked by us. They were arm in arm and in total rapture. Nice looking couple, middle class, and totally out of place.

Maddie and I started laughing like hyenas. They looked silly. But they probably looked like a lot of us yesterday. It just looked so out of place in a part of town so lacking in charm. I guess sometimes you have to just laugh.

My windows are open. And the evening light reflected off my castle is beautiful. The sounds on Marcus Garvey are filtering up to my apartment. I made carne asada, lentils and salsa for lunch.

I feel a sense of euphoria, not unlike when you first fall in love. Only I’m not in love with anybody. I’m just happy.

Hope you’re happy too.

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