Joe Versus The Volcano

This movie came out when I was ten. I loved it for the zaniness. For the soundtrack. For Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. For that luggage.

It’s among my favorite movies of all time. Ryan and Hanks are one of those great pairings that go back to the golden age of film. Hanks and physical comedy go together like peanut butter and jelly. Meg Ryan, though, does broad character work in this movie in a way she never did elsewhere.

In the Venn Diagram of snobs in my life this movie is polarizing. The comedy guys love it. The film buffs do not. It’s not “sophisticated” enough for them. How you can love film and not love comedy is something I’ll never quite understand.

A lot of the movie takes place on the water. I love it. I was torn from a watery home to subsist in the desert. But the ocean is where I have always found peace.

I need a nap. I’m going out tonight. To Do Or Dive. With a boy. I don’t know why I do the things I do. I am driven by forces beyond my comprehension.

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