Turn around, look at what you see

The Neverending Story clip

All he has to do is give me a new name. He’s already chosen it. He just has to say it out loud. If he doesn’t, then all this will disappear. He’s reading this and maybe not knowing he’s part of the neverending story.

Disks of Newton (Study for “Fugue in Two Colors”)

František Kupka, Czech (active France), 1871 – 1957

I have this poster at home in storage. The original is hanging in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I should go visit it soon.

Kupka: Pioneer of Abstraction

As it stands I have tickets to see Joker and Pain and Glory this weekend. I have a commercial parody to write. Otherwise, I’m chaining myself to my bedpost and forcing myself to stay in, if only to get some sleep.

A bientôt, mon amour. Bissous et bonne nuit.

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