She lays down

I messed up last night. By accident I sent an Instagram post about healing your inner child to Goran Visnjic, the hot Balkan dude from ER.

Ugh. When I was 13, I was all about Noah Wyle. But this guy is where it’s at now. I don’t know how it happened but it did and I’m an idiot.

I’m in bed eating Chinese after braving the weather to see Fleabag performed by PWB in Battery Park with Maddie. And then dinner at Eataly. Then home. Then sex. Then Chinese.

In the hour between home and sex I counseled a friend on a break-up from a five year relationship. I’m good at this stuff. It’s only fitting since I was really bad at my own break-up.

I’m PMS-y as fuck. On Sunday night, Alfie gave me a quarter tab of LSD to calm the beast. It made me chipper if nothing else. I’d never tried it before, so I don’t know what the other effects are supposed to be. But I’m glad to have Alfie.

It’s 5:55 a.m. and I’m feeling good. I ordered a couch last night. It’s pink velvet. I’m excited.

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