Don’t want to be an American idiot

Bernie isn’t the Messiah come to lead the revolution. At most he’s a minor prophet. I’ve read upwards of forty articles in the past few days, plus several in-depth independent reports on him. Bernie at best will hedge his bets, do one thing while saying another so he gets credit either way. What he wants to do is say, “I told you so,” after the fact. That’s not a leader. There’s an entire army of men on the UWS who do that on a daily basis. We have American Legions and VFWs filled with guys like that.

We need a revolution. No doubt. Things are bad. What we don’t need is a career politician who claims to be a savior. Have you seen the legislation he’s gotten past? Of the seven bills he has his name on since 1991, two of them were to rename post offices in Vermont. Another was to designate March 4th, 1991 as Vermont Bicentennial Day.

What exactly is presidential about Bernie? His radical beliefs? I’ve got radical beliefs. Had them since I was a kid. You don’t want me running the place. His late to the game stance on immigration? Thanks, but he already contributed to the damage that has us where we are. Now he’s gonna save us from it? Show me that he can work with the Senate and House to effect long standing change. Show me how his record proves he will make Wall Street accountable. Show me that we can trust him to make difficult strategic military decisions as Commander-In-Chief. Show me his political savvy to parlay any success in the first 18 months of his presidency into political capital for widespread change. Show me anything he’s done in the past ten years that didn’t come with some play-both-sides-of-the-fence, save-my-own-neck cowardice? Don’t tell me about his student movement work. It’s old news. It’s unfulfilled potential. Don’t tell me about his time as mayor of Burlington. It doesn’t mean a thing.

Did we learn nothing from electing Obama? Obama is a great human being but he couldn’t translate great ideas into long standing change. And the reaction to health care reform put actual money in Republican coffers because he didn’t know how to sell it to the American public after it passed. Obama missed out on the chance to educate the American public because he didn’t know how to play the game. And he’s considered the darling of the left, who regularly bathe in nostalgia of his presidency. The reason we bathe in it is because it was all swept away by Trump.

Liberals really need to stop conflating the idea of democratic socialism and support for Bernie. Because if Bernie does win and he turns out to be the impotent career politician his record shows him to be…democratic socialism is going down like the Hindenberg. Like the Edsel. Like Red #5. Like thalidomide. It’ll be the punch line to every joke instead of the cure for what ails America. And that will be Bernie’s legacy.

And as for Bernie’s refusal to release health records…the man had a heart attack during the campaign. I don’t care how energetic he looks. The presidency sucks the life out of the person in office. It’s as stressful a job as stressful can be. Woodrow Wilson had a stroke trying to put together the League of Nations. His wife forced everyone at the White House to secrecy and secretly ran the country by fiat. The U.S. never signed onto the League, and the U.S. went into the Great Depression, WWII and we are still feeling the effects of that legacy today. So don’t feed me any bullshit about how healthy Bernie looks.

Update: Th media is finally catching on the toxicity of Bernie’s fan base.

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