In my life

You know what sounds really good right now? Buying local. Buying American. Employing Americans. Respecting American labor. Treating it like the National resource it is. Making sure there are jobs that pay living wages. Making sure people’s paychecks aren’t dug out by overpriced benefits and taxes that put the onus on the poor while corporations who claim to have bootstrapped themselves into the billions turn over government payouts to shareholders.

Paying attention to where our dollars go and realizing what the rich knew all along. That you do vote with your dollars. And remembering that taxation without representation was enough to make a bunch of white guys dress up in war paint and throw tea off of British ships and start a revolution.

Acting like education is important for the basis of good citizenship. Acting like we all feel the impact when kids don’t get well-rounded education and instead get taught to the test and the real test is on what to do when there’s an active shooter or what to do when Daddy needs a Narcon injection.

Acting like these problems we got aren’t because this guy’s lazy and that woman’s got too many kids. Acting like we understand the toll of generational trauma. Acting like healing doesn’t come in a bottle of liquor or pills but in seeing people. Acting like we give a damn and love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Actually finally fucking loving ourselves.

Acting like we don’t know all the answers and it’s ok to say so. Electing leaders who model humility but are also charismatic enough to get us through tough times we didn’t know we had the courage to face. Being ok with saying, “I don’t know,” because sometimes you just don’t. Being curious enough to still say, “Can you teach me?”

Acting like our faith is our bond instead of a weapon. Acting like children of God and not like juvenile delinquents. Healing ourselves and taking responsibility for all the shit we’ve done to one another but also to ourselves.

Acting like we’re grateful. Acting like we understand that what we’ve gotten came partly from the sweat of others’ brows.

Acting like each day could be our last and that Nirvana isn’t just a band but reaching that place after sitting with all the suffering in the world, and transcending the corporal for something greater.

Acting like your momma taught you better. And if you didn’t have one or she couldn’t teach, then acting like your own momma and telling yourself to just fucking survive! Wake up! Stop binging. Stop hoarding. Stop acting from fear. Stop looking for control. Start looking through the lens of love and compassion and gratitude.

Death is not the end. It is not to be feared. It is the most democratic thing in the world. But life…life has the potential to be so very fucking beautiful.

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