Ode to my favorite pair of jeans ever

I was 15 when we met
You, a size Junior 13 pair of Arizona brand jeans from JC Penney
When I left a pen in you and it bled and you got an ink stain
You didn’t get mad
You let me take Sharpies and write all over you
And you didn’t cry when one knee ripped and then the other
You just stuck by me for three years of high school
You looked good with Docs and Airwalks and Chucks
With ringer Ts and baby Ts and that one t-shirt where Kermit is dressed like a Calvin Klein underwear model
You didn’t laugh when I had that horrible Rachel hairdo
Or when I sang Alanis and Jewel songs
You stuck by me through French class and French kissing
And we only parted ways when you tore straight from crotch to knee as I picked up my backpack to ditch Calculus and go steal some chocolate milk from the cafeteria
I forgive you because you gave me everything you could
I hope everyone’s first love is as true as you were to me

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