Hang on in there

I have accepted the 10 Days of Birthday Gifts challenge from no one in particular. My birthday is June 15th, and with shipping the way it is now, I thought I’d give you all time to get your gifts to me on time. I know…call me overly considerate…but I’m just trying to look out for you.

Day 2: Prounis Earrings

Price upon request.

These are ancient Persian turquoise and old mine cut diamond earrings set in 22k gold.

They’re day to night. Casual enough to wear with a chambray shirt and palazzo pants and flip flops for a quick pop out to the grocery store for disinfectant wipes…

…but dressy enough to wear to a gala, hair pulled back, with a coral satin slip dress with spaghetti straps for rooftop parties…of one. Mid record video of myself at said rooftop party, just so you can see how great your gift looks on me. You’ll be proud. And we’ll both feel better.

Perfect for June. Patricia Fields would definitely approve.

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