Stayin’ Alive

I have accepted the 10 Days of Birthday Gifts challenge from no one in particular. My birthday is June 15th, and with shipping the way it is now, I thought I’d give you all time to get your gifts to me on time. I know…call me overly considerate…but I’m just trying to look out for you.

These are forest green “greasy” boots. They’re incredibly practical for NYC where people wear Docs as functional footwear. They go with everything.

“Everything?” you ask, incredulously.

“Yes.” Don’t doubt my fashion choices.

They also enable you to walk like a badass. In these boots I’d strut my stuff through Bed Stuy like a modern day female Tony Manero carrying a paint can during the opening credits of Saturday Night Fever. I’d buy two slices, stack them and eat them as one, grooving to the driving beat of that Gibb Brothers’ classic.

Can’t you just picture it?

I’m a UK size 7.

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