Message in a bottle

Edit: Originally published on 5/17/2020

7/22/2020: I took this down because it felt pretentious at the time, but I’m putting it back up because yeah.


Ok universe, I am asking for a manifestation. But only because they have worked in the past.

This is someone I need in my life. Someone to finish my sentences. Someone who is smarter than me. Someone who can teach me, fascinate me, enchant me, challenge me,
make me grow. A philosopher and innovator with a soul.

I don’t know if this is a teacher, a friend, a lover, an apparition, a person from the past I’ve never met. Maybe a combination of one or two of the above?

I want my James Burke. My interdisciplinary thinker who can move between science and history and literature and the woo woo.

I know plenty of smart people. I’m not the smartest. But I have the ability to connect it all and put it into perspective. Go beyond the data, the information, the knowledge, to the truth. Someone who looks to the future.

Bring me a Bill Gates, a Steve Jobs. I’m not asking for the moon. I’m asking for the entire solar system. But I’m also asking for kindred. Because it is awfully lonely growing at this rate without anyone to guide the way. Or at least ride sidecar on the journey. Someone to share whatever this is I’ve been blessed and burdened with. I know they’re out there. And I’ll do my best to meet them more than halfway. Just don’t make me play the role of smartest person in the room anymore. It isn’t the part I want. It’s too much to ask of me.



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