I have one, which is weird. It doesn’t make me feel anything but perplexed that someone would take time to heckle me…more than once.

IP address: (either Mesa or somewhere in California), but the IP address isn’t a big indicator of anything.

Probably a burner account. Anyone who wants to finds me knows how to find me to actually talk to me. Anyone who isn’t a coward hiding behind an LED screen.

The only reason I’m affording this enough attention and time to write about it is to say that you can heckle all you want. You can hate me from afar. But you’re just holding onto something that eats at you. I will forget about you, again. But then, you’re probably not memorable in the first place for absolutely anything.

You want my attention…you already blew it by being uninteresting. But the fact that you feel the need to come back and lurk over the course of a year means that I, on the other hand, am interesting. Have fun reading.

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