My Sharona*

This post is kind of a data dump. I went through an old DISC assessment that I did in 2015. There was a commercial real estate team that wanted to take me on and they had me do this. Two older guys. When they got my results, they were stunned because I guess those results are mostly seen in men and rarely in women.

How could an online personality test be right? I didn’t get a chance to play with the algorithm so I’m not sure. Some of this stuff is pretty funny and indicative of who I am in my personal life: controlling, creative, impulsive, afraid of commitment. Some of this stuff represents more of who I used to be: unwilling to collaborate, materialistic. Some of this I never was: someone who over promises and underperforms.

I’d like to think I’ve grown since then. A little softer, more reflective, more caring about others’ feelings. This was youngish Vene. And if you weren’t on her team she’d ride roughshod over you and never look back. I’ve intimidated so many people, that if I had been born a man, I’d have my own movie studio by now. I’m trying not to be a jerk all the time. I think it’s better to be transparent about these things.

The really funny thing is that once those real estate brokers saw my results, they wanted me bad. I guess I was a shark back then. But somehow, I couldn’t find it within me to say yes to them. I sort of sabotaged my own future in commercial real estate because I knew at heart that it would never have worked. I’m really good at the sabotaging and running in the opposite direction. If I were a meme it would be this:

Also, I have to chuckle at how this description of me “closing a deal” is too real. The deals I close are different than before. I only want new and shiny. I get bored really easily.

*The real Sharona became a successful real estate agent. I know this because I saw it on Pop-Up video a million years ago.

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