Westward ho!

Just in case ya need something on the road…part of a little list I’ve been keeping.


Khruangbin (Pichfork Live–Chill stuff)

Quantic (Vinyl Set–Chill stuff, mostly in Spanish)

Cinema Paradiso (Apple Music) (Ennio Morricone..c’mon, now)

Wes Anderson Film Playlist (Apple Music) (Just stuff from his various films)

The End of the Fucking World Playlist (Apple Music) (I like it…so sue me)

Grosse Point Blank Playlist (Apple Music) (Something I listened to a lot the summer of ’97)


Robert Frost: Interview and Poetry Reading (1952)

Olivia Gatwood: Ode To The Women Of Long Island

Mary Oliver: Readings at The 92St Y

Pablo Neruda: The History of Pablo Neruda

Eddie Izzard:
Dressed to Kill (Apple Music)
Definite Article (Apple Music)

Revisionist History: Malcolm Gladwell tells it like it is
The Obscure Virus Club (RNA)
The Big Man Can’t Shoot (Wilt Chamberlin)
Hallelujah (Elvis Costello)

This American Life: The original…the best…
Break-Up (Phil Collins and “Against All Odds”)
Fiasco (Stories of when things go wrong. Really wrong. When you leave the normal realm of human error, fumble, mishap, and mistake and enter the territory of really huge breakdowns. Fiascos. Things go so awry that normal social order collapses.)
NRA vs NEA (Sarah Vowell tries to understand her gunsmith father)
Christmas and Commerce (David Sedaris’ memories of his time as a Macy’s Elf)
French Kiss (The story of Lafayette’s triumphant return to the U.S.)
Groundhog Dayne (Tig Notaro keeps running into Taylor Dayne)
Rest Stop (Nine radio reporters. Two days. One rest stop on the New York State Thruway. Stories of people who are just passing through, and the ones who can’t leave, because this is where their jobs are.)
Trail of Tears (Sarah Vowell and her sister retrace the Trail of Tears)

Song Exploder: A podcast devoted to music writing and production (Link to all episodes because there are too many to choose from and you have personal tastes)

Hello From The Magic Tavern: An improvised podcast about an alternate realm…funny if you like the ridiculous
S1:E1 (Hi. I’m Arnie. I fell through a portal behind a Burger King into the magical land of Foon…)

Great Lives: One cool person talks about an even cooler person…so many good ones to choose from, but this is my favorite.
Kurt Vonnegut (Comedian Josie Long on her love for Kurt Vonnegut)

Hidden Brain: Human Behavior
Diversity and Creativity (How Exposure To Different People Affects Our Thinking)
Romeo & Juliet In Rwanda (How A Soap Opera Sought To Change A Nation)
The Founding Contradiction (How Thomas Jefferson could be such a hypocrite)
Playing Tight and Loose (How different cultures adhere to rule following)
The Cowboy Philosopher (A con man with a hidden talent)
When Did Marriage Become So Hard (The problem with how people view marriage)

The Moth: The one everyone talks about…
Carry Him Shoulder High (Mary Kate O’Flanagan takes charge and responsibility at a funeral)
A Phone Call (Auburn Sandstrom is in a dire situation and makes a call for help.)
Her Way (A well-intentioned wedding toast goes horribly awry for a young man and his friends.)

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