Pure moods

If you want to summon your soulmate, just say the two words: pot roast.

Maddie read those words and zoomed on over last night, which is to say she left her apartment, returned for stuff she forgot, then went to a wine shop and then a thrift store and then came to my place.

It was perfect because it gave the pot roast time to cook and I made a salad from scratch down to the croutons. Maddie brough cookie dough she’d prepared and made me cookies and we just talked and talked.

No one would probably understand our conversations. They are like Möbius strips with their own logic and twists and turns and returns to previous topics hours to days to weeks to months to years later, context, asides, tangents, non-sequitors, catchphrases and a lot of laughs. Also a lot of really nerdy references that most others wouldn’t catch because the art is in the subtlety and off-handedness with which we cast them out and reel them back in. We’re ok with being nerds, just cool ones.

I let myself celebrate victories last night without the crushing anxiety that usually closes around my throat and clenches after any achievement. I’m kinda killing it at the moment and it’s been a long time in coming. I don’t know how long it’ll last but it’s entirely deserved.

And I was silly…very silly. Maddie was Maddie in the most Maddie way. She moans when she eats a bite of food she loves. I heart that.

I ate four cookies (so friggin good—salty and chocolatey), got sick and the caffeine in the chocolate kept me up most of the night, BUT that fact did not diminish the evening in any way.

So yeah, summon your soulmate with the promise of pot roast.

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