Studio 54 exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum

I edited together some of the video and photos I got at the museum exhibit I attended last Friday. I needed to practice editing. It’s not a big deal.

It was such a fun event to go to! The whole thing was dark and lit up disco style. They had music playing throughout and people came dressed in costume.

My favorite part was something I didn’t capture. There was a group of older gay men in full regalia taking pictures with the exhibits. It was like that scene in A League of Their Own when the older women go to the opening of the women’s baseball exhibit at the Baseball Hall of Fame and reminisce about the old days.

These men had probably been to Studio 54 in the late 70’s. I thought about what they must have seen. And who they were. And all they went through: the height of disco and gay culture, the AIDS crisis, the gay rights movement, gay marriage…. If I could go back I would have asked them so many questions. But masks and, you know, not being a pain in the ass.


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