You’ve gotta open up your eyes to see

Snakes shed skin when they outgrow it. But the process of shedding also helps to remove harmful parasites.

I have shed my exterior many times. And with it, people I could not take into the future.

My boundaries are strong. I don’t remember building them. But in this current incarnation, my intuition is the gate keeper and my curiosity the key master.

They call themselves seekers, they who ask the questions. In the beginning they all seems so grand and knowing. But as you embark on your own odyssey you will learn which are the seekers of truth and which are the conquerors who seek to own the truth and profit from its sequester.

No one can own the truth.

The drugs and the crystals and talismans and all the other accoutrements mean nothing if you aren’t asking the right questions. Ayahuasca can’t fix what you refuse to acknowledge. Reiki can’t cure delusion in the mind of the supposed healer.

They don’t know or can’t access what is around us in every day life. There is no shortcut to nirvana. You do not have to transcend humanity to get to heaven in your little red boat. We are steeped in the plenary divine of quotidian existence. We always have been. But you only get to see it if you slow down, stop forcing your puny will, and just observe the ebbs and flows of it in every tiny occurance. Exalt it. Create a comfortable place within you for it to inhabit.

And then, when you’ve grown, shed your skin and dig a little deeper. Repeat until your goose is cooked. That’s the recipe.

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