When we were young
And a twin bed was more than enough to share
But we ordered a pizza each
And your arm fell asleep under my neck
But you didn’t shift or stir
And my right hand rested on your hip bone
Just to assure me that you were real

You wore my pajama pants to class
And I your Groovie Ghoulies tee
That glowed in the dark
That you treasured more than life
But less than you treasured me

We lost our edges
You did not end
You just curved around an equator
Until somewhere I began
Like Pangea
Until our continents drifted apart
Through slow tectonic shifts and sudden pyroclastic eruptions
Tragic and devastating and irreversible
But inevitable
Our names lost to time
“Bubba” spoken no more

If I chart my shores on a map
I can still trace the scar where we cleaved
And all the stunning formations that remain
Evidence of your impact and exerted force
Without you there would be no me

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