Freeze frame

Spring is upon us and so is the partying.

Sunday was a lunch that blew into dinner with Lee in Little Italy at a restaurant that I’d actually been to before with Emily the day I ended up getting a room at The Standard.

Two people interrupted our conversation to say nice things to me. That hasn’t happened in a while. It used to happen a lot…before Covid. So that’s a nice little indicator of life coming back.

I partied at Nikola’s in Crown Heights with Mikey and Andrea. Mikey came back with me and stayed until 8 a.m., smoking in my window and drinking box wine.

Monday…I just laid in bed.

Tuesday I had class followed by J coming over. We stayed up, hanging out on my bed, talking about the stuff that only really interests us. He left on Wednesday around 1 p.m. We slept a lot. I’m still amazed at how much that boy sleeps.

Wednesday (yesterday) Tyler wanted to hang out in Crown Heights instead of my place because the weather is good and Barboncino (pizzzzzaaaa). We met up, talked baseball forever. Andrea waited on us. Trav showed up. We got a shot of mezcal at Crown Inn. And eventually there was an all nighter in my apartment. Trav and Tyler took turns telling parts of an epic teen story. Their chemistry is so fun to experience.

Tyler only wanted to stay out til midnight because he’s a grouch. He asked me last night how I could stay up all night and party as much as I do without drugs. Apparently this guy lays in bed at night, closes his eyes and just…falls asleep. I’ve never done that. It takes horse tranquilizers and a dart to get me to fall asleep.

Tyler said I have too many pillows on the couch

Ty went home around 4:20. Trav and Andrea kept going. I drank way too much wine and eventually fell asleep.

I love them all. Didn’t get a picture of Trav, but here’s Andrea and me, filtered.

Also, my hair right now is dark brown with blue streaks and I cannot stop marveling at the best haircut I’ve ever had. When I look back at pictures of me in my 20’s, I had no fucking clue how to comb my hair. Glad I finally got that settled. It took me long enough.

I’m looking forward to what comes next. A second Covid shot. Warmer weather. More daylight. A new roommate. And who knows what else? Hopefully cute boys again. I miss cute boys. There are lots of cute boys already in my life. But they don’t count because they’re like brothers.

I just want to have a really great make out session with someone who knows what they’re doing and makes my heart flutter. Will it happen? Dunno. Tune in next week to find out.

Edit: I found some random video I took last night. I think I missed Tyler doing an impression. Instead I just caught him being super adorable instead of grouchy. This is the power of hanging out in my apartment:

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