Minor break for major glory

Let’s take some time to thank everyone because I don’t know how long I’ll have clarity before things get bad again.

There’s Emily, who ordered food to my apartment because I couldn’t get it together enough to ignore out food.

There’s Maddie who compliments me so well. It’s not easy. I’m a nightmare sometimes.

And Tyler, who is ready for trivia when that starts up again. I needed someone to move my AC up the three worst flights of stairs and he is coming through. There will be Genesee beer in the fridge when he makes it up. And movies this summer if I can cool down the projector room to make it so.

John, who brings the Genesee beer. And laughs at my jokes.

Jim, who, aside from being the best math teacher, tells me what music to listen to, specially crafted for me and always seconded and thirded by Tyler and John.

Michael, who will always somehow be my mirror twin.

Nicole! Nicole! Nicole! Amazing. Funny. Down to earth. Really noble. And honest but without being mean. Also, she sends me candy.

Robert, Bobert. I’ve never met actually met him. He just found me and stuck around on FB. Sounds creepy, but I shake the creepy types real fast. It take persistence to pay attention to all the things I do and not get sick of me. He’s a guardian angel here on earth.

I’m falling asleep now. But there will be more. This weekend will be spent upstate with women at a house. I’m excited and scared.

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