Notes from Elana, May 2021

  • Have patience
  • Know when the fire works for you and know when it burns you
  • Patience will bloom in time
  • If we push, we push away
  • If we get obsessed or resentful or spiraling, we also delay
  • Learn the difference between waiting for something to unfold and when you are stuck
  • Also the difference between you are intuitively guided to take quick action and forcing; there’s an energetic difference between the two
  • You must be in your body and present to know the difference
  • Deep breaths
  • There are reasons why you don’t breathe, and you should honor those reasons so you understand your resistance, but choosing to breathe more will help you be in your body more
  • Substances are not your friends; they heighten what is dragging you away from what you want. You’re a good witch, which makes you more sensitive to substances. They bring you closer to wrath and paranoia. You can get high on regular things like art, music, creating, food, sex. When you are present and enjoy that, you don’t need anything else.
  • Trust yourself more and it will help you to have more discernment and not the other way around. Trust yourself and your discernment.
  • Ask yourself, “Is it judgment or discernment?” Am I in the present with this person or is this pushing a historical button for me?
  • It all goes back to the breath.
  • Your magic is “all or nothing.” When you bring in more fear than is organic to the situation you blow that magic up.
  • Pray a lot more. You’re not alone. You are loved.
  • Be careful of the dark side. You get burned by your own fire. The revenge stuff is from past lives. You’ve been very powerful in that way. But it doesn’t serve you. Put up boundaries. Be careful with the dark stuff.
  • Check out functional doctors. You need someone who can look at systems and see how everything fits together. The doctors who are helping you can only understand bits and pieces.
  • Call upon enlightened beings and ascendant masters. Some have specialties. Ask them not to overwhelm you but be on a ‘need to know’ basis.
  • Ground your intuition so you can go out into the world stronger instead of shrinking away from it. The goal as an intuitive isn’t to make your life smaller. As an intuitive healer it’s your job to learn to control the energy that comes in like an aperture on a camera.
  • You can ask for energy to be cleared when it’s not your own. Recognize when it’s not your energy but someone else’s.
  • Fear begets more fear. You don’t want to be a vault when you go out because you block the good stuff too.
  • Ground! Get in your feet. Use tree pose.
  • Check your energy before you go out. If you understand this, like an internal weather system, you’ll know how much you have to suit up.
  • Get away from “I am” statements to “I am feeling” statements
  • If you know it’s gonna rain, take an umbrella. Suit up for the crazy out there.
  • If you forget to ground before you go out, just ask for help real quick when you’re out.
  • Morning breathing ritual, you bratty rebel!
  • Being grounded will give you freedom and will help you build on your idea of where you want to be and what goals you want to achieve
  • Be a good parent to yourself! Tell yourself, “Love, this is good for you!”
  • This time is about slowing down so you can speed up. Find your breath, find your grounding so you can be more powerful. Or else you would get overwhelmed and burn out.
  • And then you get to teach people how to connect to the more authentic self and voice outside of the bullshit. That entails not people pleasing. It entails deep respect and vulnerability.
  • The things you learn will help you to connect things up for people in a simple way.
  • There has to be a practical and emotional component to the intuition that makes your life better.
  • You have deep communication skills. There’s a lot more speaking.
  • You will Bridge different ages.
  • Use less words, not more. You don’t need to change peoples minds or explain things. You just use a no. There’s a lot you can say yes to, you just have to get really clear about your nos.
  • Treat yourself like you are your most precious child. This will help you with your dreams.
  • Suiting up: act as if…pick an animal…and then walk with that energy to protect yourself.
  • Knowing how to change your energy will help you in practical ways is an important life skill for anything.
  • Some the being really grounded in the body, being practical, as well as being intuitive and passionate and firey…you’re breaking a spell.
  • You’re not crazy. Most people who are creative and intuitive are outside the norm. You’re an outlier. Outliers are the visionaries.
  • Learning how to pray for what you need is a powerful art.

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