Party girl

Back in college I used to write notes on the back of my hand and down my arm. Not for cheating, but just little things I’d learned that day that I wanted to share with D. I loved lectures when the professors were good. If I loved a class I never missed it. If I didn’t…well…let’s just say I dropped more classes than I took. But then again, I’d go to D’s classes with him just to be a part of the things he was learning. I even went on a field trip with his English class to the Arizona Historical Society and answered all the docent’s questions.

It was important to share that stuff, ya know? I’m not a know-it-all and I don’t need to prove to anyone that I’m full of facts. That part of me comes through so strong that I inevitably get called Encyclopedia or Wikipedia or some variation on the theme. I share things because I love people and I want them to love the things I love. It makes the experience more real when I get to share it.

I started looking into a couple of programs today at the Pratt Institute. Masters of Science in Library Sciences and Museums and Digital Culture. How I got on that track was a bit circuitous. I thought about going to the library tomorrow. I love libraries. So I looked to see which ones were open in Brooklyn. And then I looked to see if they had any jobs available. It could be nice to be surrounded by books. I can name my favorite places in about four different libraries throughout my life.

And museums! Oh, how I love them. I have a ticket to MoMA PS1 on Friday. I was that kid who was fascinated on field trips to look at mineral formations, dioramas, artifacts, rockets.

Favorite museums? Natural History and Space & Air in D.C., Natural History and The Met in NYC, the British Museum in London, the Orsay in Paris, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Center For Creative Photography in Tucson and the Tubac Presidio State Park down in Southern Arizona.

I never stopped being that kid. I still feel that same sense of wonder when I learn something new. And what a better city to live in than NYC where museums and libraries are all around?

It’s expensive. I’d have to find the money. I started looking at scholarships. And maybe I’d be limited in what I could do. But I’m not going to sell myself short before I even try.

I told three people. Emily liked museums over libraries. Celia thought is was an excellent idea and really got excited. J said I’d be right at home in those environs because I’m an information hound. J had thousand of books organized by Dewey Decimal system at his place. He’s an information hound, too. It’s why we love each other. We appreciate the nerdy stuff.

This time right now…I’m changing. Not in obvious ways. Not so you’d notice from the outside. I’m not driven by what got me to NYC. And I’m not interested in other people so much. They fascinate me and always will. I just don’t care about impressing anyone. It’s too easy to do. I’m ready for a new path. A quieter one. With a little more grounding. And maybe some very cool glasses.

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