Devil’s haircut

I cut my hair (with craft scissors), bought a Denman brush for curly hair and some curly hair gel, and now I’m starting to get the hang of this hair.

A midlife hair change doesn’t sound like a big deal but it kinda is. There’s a learning curve. There are new habits that must be formed. And then there is the jarring realization that occurs every time I look in the mirror and remember that the person in the mirror is me.

And, as with every other condition in my life, I ask if it’s real or imagined, if I’m making too much or too little about it, when it began and how long did it take me to realize it, and how will I manage this new existence?

Will it be exciting and let me grow in new ways? Who will curly-haired Vene be to people who never knew straight-haired Vene?

Did I lose something or gain something or neither? Did I appreciate straight hair when I had it or did I wish for something that wasn’t an upgrade? Or did I get what I wanted for being a good girl?

Maybe none of this is important. But it’s all in and on my head.

Photo of bed head this morning (sorta filtered)

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