This is my tree

Before the show:

Lemon Twigs tonight with Em!

That band marks time for me. It reveals all sorts of things to me. Beginnings and ends. New connections.

The last time was the end of J.
The time before that was the previous end of J and the beginning of COVID.

After the show:

Remember that I told you The Lemon Twigs are all about beginnings and endings? Well…

This guy Jesse (aka Taylor Hicks) was at the show. He’s the first guy who ever introduced me to Crown Heights. He insulted Tyler the first night I met Tyler. Travis called him Taylor Hicks to his face. He introduced me to Érica who introduced me to Maddie. He DATED (and was not nice to) Imani Coppola who just happened to have been in a band that Tyler ended up being in. Oh and we have the exact same birthday. 6/15/1979.

We matched on Tinder in 2017 but never dated. It wasn’t until August 2018 at the Gary Clark Jr. show that we met in person. And he was THE PITS.

It’s not a total surprise that he was at the show. We went to a Lemon Twigs show together at Baby’s All Right in 2018.

He knows better than to talk to me now. But there he was.

And then Harry, a friend of Susie’s, comes up and says hi to me before the show. I’ve apparently met him TWICE now. The last time was at Mikey’s birthday where we talked for hours. And I still manage to forget his name and introduce him to Emily and Anthony as David. As soon as I realized my error (thanks, Andrea), I ran past Jesse/Taylor Hicks to apologize to Harry for my error.

He tapped me on the shoulder at the end of the night to say goodbye so I don’t think I did any permanent damage.

But yeah. I live here and run into people I know at places in different boroughs.

The Lemon Twigs were great. Their bassist wasn’t there. They had some other guy instead.

It’s my 8th Lemon Twigs show. I love them so much.

I don’t know what this show marks beside all that I just told you. I probably won’t know for a while. Tune in and find out.

Later at home:

I’m in bed and the Observant Israeli just texted me.

He saw my Instagram story and told me that I talked about The Lemon Twigs on our first date.

Another Lemon Twiggy thing to happen.

Also, I was kinda cute tonight. At least from the waist up. Here’s a very lightly filtered video. You can tell it’s not very filtered. It’s just good lighting and great makeup (if I say so myself).

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