Autism Speaks Speaks for itself

In preparation for my panel later this week I’ve been combing the interwebs looking to see what’s out there in terms of assisting autistic adults with job placement.

And then I have to take breaks because it’s not great.

I’ve been reaching out to autism organizations that claim to help autistic people get jobs. From one organization I got an email setting up a one on one meeting to talk (yay). From another I got a boiler plate email saying I would have to sign up for a waiting list for some acronym organization with no link or further instructions (meh).

From Autism Speaks I got this, which is the most Austism Speaks thing you could possibly get. A solicitation to purchase a blue bag with a puzzle piece. The blue represents young boys. The puzzle piece represents what’s wrong or missing with autistic children. The bag represents how Autism Speaks loots a big issue for personal gain.

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