I made soup

I made soup.

I made soup when I am sick with COVID.

I made soup because I had the ingredients. Because I’ve been taking care of myself when I’m healthy so that when I’m sick there is a margin for error.

I made soup because I’ve learned to cook. And because I have things I’m looking forward to doing and that means being healthy.

I made soup because I love myself and there are lots of people out there who love me and don’t I want as much time with them and with me as possible?

I made soup because I’m not sitting here pouting about being sick. Or blaming myself. Or hurting someone else. Or hurting me with resentment and bitterness at what I’m not doing and who’s not checking in on me.

I made soup because there are people out there I’ve yet to meet who are going to rock my world and change my life. And I can’t wait!

I made soup because I’m a little scared.

I made soup because I’m only human and I can’t cast spells that will make me well. I have a red Le Creuset Dutch Oven instead of a cauldron.

I made soup.

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