New Soul

There’s this voice that sometimes speaks to me and says, “Vene, what do you think you’re trying to accomplish? There are so many healers and thinkers and artists better than you who are already much more successful than you.”

But a new voice has come back to rebut it recently, and it says this:

“Vene, there is so much suffering out there. And yes, there are other people already saying most of the things you say. But we need as much art and as much healing and as many good ideas as we can get. And if all you do is pass on what you’ve studied and assimilated to a few people, you’re contributing. You’re doing something. You’re not just complaining or sitting on your hands and feeling powerless. Even if not a single one of your ideas is original, if you are touching people and amplifying good there IS NO downside. This is not about you or your ego or your legacy. This is about purpose and fulfillment. You are not a charlatan. You’re a radio with an antenna and a speaker. Do what you came to do.”

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