I’ve got two tickets to Iron Maiden, baby

What was tonight?

It was me going into the city to tell a story on stage. Was it my favorite story? No. Probably ranks in the bottom quintile. Plus I don’t like competition. Plus I want to tell stories, not do thinnly veiled stand up. But that’s not important. It was a date. A date in the distant future to pin an activity to. I showed up. I fulfilled my obligation to myself.

Here’s what mattered: Andrea, Nikola, Travis, Tyler, Kim and Jack all showed up. My crew rolls deep. And goddamn are they a good looking bunch.

Of note at the show:

  1. I met an Israeli named Ronny. When I said my full name she repeated it back perfectly. I asked her where she was from. She said “Israel” and then she immediately asked if she should apologize. I laughed and said, “No, I’ve dated a fee Israelis.” And then she apologized again. It was a good bit. We exchanged info.
  2. The professional photographer hit on me. Hard. Not in a douchey way. Just consistently. Before and after the show. I wasn’t wearing my glasses and I didn’t look him in the eye once. But Andrea and Tyler independently said he was very good-looking so…yeah. Hot New Yorker Pedro hit on me. So weird.

Of note after the show:

  1. Andrea and three fourths of the band came with me to Planet Rose. Songs were sung. Drinks imbibed. And the bartender, who is there every time I show up with Samy, hit on me. Well, he said, “You’re beautiful.” To which I responded, “What? I’ve been here a million times!” I was offended that he didn’t recognize me. To which he responded, “I always want to tel you you’re beautiful.”

I feel like I got punked tonight. That, or men just find my new Anastasia eyebrow pencil irresistible.

Outside of Planet Rose, everyone (except me) played a round of a game invented for one night. I can’t explain this game to you. You had to be there. But if you could invision hackey sack with a strapless bra…you’re 50% there.

We took the train back to Brooklyn. And we were 100% obnoxious. Loud, rambunctious, doing bits. I’m pretty sure the whole car collectively sighed in relief when we got off at Eastern Parkway.

The night ended at Bearded Lady. Pool was played. Doritos were consumed. And there were various simultaneous conversations going on about human anatomy. It’s fascinating how little dudes know about other dudes’ penises and female reproductive organs. But they’re so eager to learn!!!

Ultimately, I’m so touched. My people came out. My people love each other. They’re not even my friends anymore. They’re family. Travis says his parents know me as his sister in Brooklyn. That’s kind of beautiful.

Here’s a photo Andrea took with my phone of the boys. I take terrible photos. Andrea is the resident visual memory maker.

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