The play is the thing!

Of all the places I imagined spotting Isaac Mizrahi, it wasn’t in a basement on the UES. And yet, my friends, that is the very spot in which I…um…spotted the man in the flesh.

He narrated a sort of NYC sequel to Peter and the Wolf, this time moved from the Russian forest in winter to Central Park. The music was superb but the show was otherwise unremarkable. You tell Isaac I said that and I will disown you. Eventually we will meet and I will pretend I never saw his show at the Guggenheim.

Andrea was determined to make it from 88th and 5th across the aforementioned park to a show on 52nd and 10th. I stopped to purchase a hot dog with mustard and kraut and then we boogied to a play we didn’t even have tickets to.

It was remarkable in many ways. It’s the tale of two actors/friends: a mousy girl who doesn’t embody femininity and a gay man who does drag and their very nuanced relationship. Great show. Stellar cast. The script was my favorite part. It was Theater but I could see it as a film.

Last was cheap beer and multiple interruptions at Rudy’s and the A train running local back to Brooklyn.

Goodnight, my friends. My body has to recuperate in time for the silent disco tomorrow. Andrea and I passed Lincoln Center today and I’m both eager to dance there and a little overwhelmed by the concept.

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