You put the lime in the coconut

Travis and I talked about The 1975 and Matty Healy last night. At Superpower. Tiki bar in Crown Heights.

We talked about going to the show the next time they play. And how we’re going to cry just watching them play. We’ve been talking about seeing them for years. We had tickets for their last show at MSG in 2020.

Andrea wants to see My Chemical Romance when they tour this way. I dressed super witchy for her. Drawing on dark energy to celebrate the light.

Sometimes I get cold feet right before I walk out the door looking the way I do when I go to Crown Heights. But then I do it anyway. The great thing is that everyone has just sort of accepted that language of expression from me. They roll with the ridiculous.

I sang Selena and Extreme with Sharif. He has that Latín soul that wants to sing sad songs on social outings. Like grandparents at lingering Sunday dinners, fueled by equal parts tequila and nostalgia.

Nikola told us about his third grade teacher and their special bond. If I’d have been Nikola’s third grade teacher, he’d be my favorite kid, too. He has that special thing that made me love Misha so much at that age. Encyclopedic knowledge, a playful, easy nature, and a juicy vocabulary.

We made new drinking rules last night. In addition to drinking when Nikola name drops, we now drink when Led Zeppelin plays.

Nikola and Travis knitted their mutual experiences of Travis’ parents’ time at Barb’s last week. Travis told us about an inside joke his family has and how they played it on Nikola. Nikola then told his version of the events. Andrea and I watched them dovetail the story together as Nikola got filled in and felt relief about an experience. It was so darling I wanted to die.

Harry Nilsson played over the speakers at Superpower. Jump Into The Fire. It felt epic.

How do I describe the vibe of hanging out with this group? Throw a bunch of kind and creative ADHD people together and what comes out is this hyperkinetic night of storytelling, bits, gags, insider jokes and heart to hearts. I don’t know what it looks like from the outside. If I were at a bar and I watched us I might feel put off. We could be obnoxious. But what it reminds me of is recess with Michael, playing in these giant dreamscapes he would concoct for us. Only back then I was too inhibited to inhabit myself. Now it’s all gravy, baby.

I came home and chatted with Nicole for a bit about digital friendships. Nicole and I haven’t been in the same physical space since 2019. But we talk most days. It’s no less an intimate friendship that any of my in person friendships. It’s just thought bubble me instead of me in eyeliner and red lipstick.

I pieced last night together from tiny specks of recollection. My dreams were so intense that I couldn’t remember what actually happened and what my brain created while I slept. Also, we all got very high.

This morning I asked Andrea what happened. She said it was all positive and fun. And then I felt safe to explore it and see what came back.

I’m missing one joke that Nikola told. It was related to the ongoing Revel Scooter Diaries saga that he and the boys have set out on. It was “revel” based. It might be lost forever. But, to paraphrase Jay Leno’s Doritos ads from the 90’s, it’s ok to lose a few memories. We’ll make more.

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