Here comes the sun

Harry and I went to the city. I had returns at Zara. I hate returns. It gives me agita. I feel like I’m inconveniencing people to get my money back. But it was made easier by having Harry there with me.

On the way to Zara we stopped at Trader Joe’s and got a baguette, some pate, a salad, some cookies and a nectarine as snacks. It’s something Alfie got me hooked on.

Andrea met us and we made our way to midtown to witness Manhattanhenge. It was a little anticlimactic. Manhattanhenge is two days during the year when the sun lines up perfectly with the east-west streets in midtown and you get a perfect view of the sunset. It was ok.

We walked west to satiate Andrea’s need for fro-yo and then we walked past the West End to a pier and ate our snacks along with a thermos of cold rosé I’d brought. We talked about our film: Manhattanhenges. Vignettes over the course of a day. We talked about love. We watched the sun set over New Jersey. Harry showed us the latest telescopic images of far away galaxies. I conjured how we would get there using words from signs we passed on our way back to Times Square. Andrea made plans to alert NASA. And then we took the C home.

It was beautiful. Sweet. Heartfelt. Kind. Innocent. Priceless.

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