Last train

City night. I went to see this old film called The Swimmer at Metrograph on Ludlow. Beautiful modern theater with a balcony.

The film is based on a short story by John Cheever. It stars Burt Lancaster as this golden god who gets toppled. People laughed at things that weren’t meant to be funny. The film is unintentionally campy. You can’t get campier than a film about the downfall of the upper middle class white male scored by Marvin “Memory” Hamlisch.

I got hungry afterwards and the weather is about as good as you can ask for so I asked Google to tell me what was cheap close by. Turns out it was dumplings at North Dumpling. I watched people order in English and Chinese and then took my turn.

Dumplings: $14
Arizona Iced Tea: $1

So many cool kids out. How do they get so sophisticated so young and at what cost? I’m barely figuring out how to order dumplings in my 40s.

A walk through Chinatown to the 6 train to the 4 because I’d rather walk here than in downtown Brooklyn from the F to the 4 where nothing is going on. So many people on the street. Now onto Crown Heights to meet up with Asani to celebrate the last super moon of 2022.

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