TV Party

Ten days ago, Nikola invited me to see Henry Rollins tell stories at a theater up in Tarrytown. So last night we ventured into the continental United States via MetroNorth along the Hudson with a couple cans of rosé. I love public transportation.

Rollins was amazing. We walked into the theater as the show was underway. Just late by a minute. And there he was: Henry Rollins on stage, mic firmly in hand with the cord wrapped twice. He does two hours of the most intense storytelling and we are enraptured. He goes from his ice cream slinging days up to the present in this whirlwind.

At one point I think…this is the guy from Black Flag. The ex introduced me to them back in the 90’s. I wonder if I should tell him. And then I remember that Mercury is in retrograde and I’d seen this:

So I decide against the whole idea because discretion is the better part of valor and what even could I expect as a response?

Afterwards Nikola and I take a walk down by the river to the Tappan Zee Bridge. We talk about all the things. He’s easy to talk to. He’s easy to listen to. He gives great hugs and he’s up for anything.

We come back to Brooklyn, go to his place for an while, and then to Superpower where all the Barbs people are hanging out after shift. I stay behind with Mikey. We talk til after 5 on his stoop. For the third time in a week I get bitten by mosquitos. Mikey tells me I’m right about something I said a while back and I howl with laughter because he never believes me until the facts are glaring.

I’ve been having a hard time lately with panic attacks and flaking out on plans. But nothing is quite like spending time with my boys and feeling like the present is so great I want to make it to the future.

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