The Fall of Crown Heights…

One, I went to multiple galleries with Sisa’s ex-roommate Rafael.

Sisa is a Peruvian indigenous filmmaker who sometimes works at Barb’s. Rafael is a 22-year old artist from Tijuana. Border kids unite.

We walked around SoHo with his boyfriend who renovates residential properties, so he and I had a million things to talk about.

Then Rafael and I took the train to Barb’s and he asked if I’d maybe want to exhibit my art at an exhibition he wants to put together and if I wanted to help it come to fruition. Sure. Sounds good.

We’re at Barb’s discussing NFTs and blockchain technology for redistribution rights between artists and art owners. Then their other ex-roommate shows up. Tina. We start talking about wealth distribution models, micro lending, community social capital building.

I bring up capillaries and how they manage to take up minimal space in the body by being somewhere between two and three dimensions and still have access to every cell in the body. This is a model of social structure. Tina says, “Yeah, I know. I work in Biomimicry.”

So we talk about Neri Oxman at MIT and what she’s doing with biological materials. And swarm intelligence. I tell her I learned this stuff by watching Sapolsky’s intro to biology lectures at Stanford. And Tina’s like, ”Yeah I took that class.” Because of course.

She says, “You really know your stuff. Would you be interested in a graduate degree in Biomimicry?” I say…I’m interested in everything.

The conversation goes back to blockchain and Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and then to carbon sequestration tokens.

So yeah, it was a good day.


Never go with a Mikey to a second location.

But also, go with a Mikey to a second location. He will serenade you with guitar.

Nikola and I got married last night. It was a small affair. No officiant. No party. Lots of improv.

Trav said he was going to crash Tyler’s date at Crown and I couldn’t be deterred from saying, “Hell yah! Let’s all go crash it.”

So we did. Mikey, Nikola, Trav and me. Honestly, it was a favor. Because we got to talk to this girl and sort of show her what we’re like and she got to have interesting conversations and their date was probably the better for it.

But you also know my heart broke a little, right?

I can be happy for someone and still feel pangs.

I got very sad and Nikola made jokes, Asani told me I was amazing, Mikey took me to his place and we hung out in his bedroom.

Today I’m trying to manage spiraling into a whipped topping of catastrophe. I don’t want to do anything but listen to sad songs and mope like I got broken up with.

What I need to do is create the potential of a future that has stability or security so I can keep growing and experiencing life. And maybe there’s a chance that someday someone says, “I’ve seen you around. And I love how your brain works. And you make me feel alive when I’m with you and I want to be good to you. You are special to me and I want more than anything to be special to you.”

And maybe there’s a chance that I’d even believe it.


Adele is playing in the car. “Someone Like You” should be illegal to play on the radio.



The beginnings of ends are hard.

Things change. Their very ephemeral nature is what makes beauty out of the mundane. I thank them at their zenith and bid them farewell in advance.

This fall…it’s going to be about romantic relationships. Couples. I don’t really want to be around that. I can be happy for it. But when people start coupling up they deprioritize and shut the world out. Not because they’re selfish. It’s the nature of the beast.

So I’m thinking I need to start just doing me. Find new scenes for the moment. Forward momentum. Sleek. Penetrative. Dynamic. Kinetic. Light footprint.

I’ve already been through the Great Coupling a few times. I don’t want ringside tickets this time.


If Jack starts dating someone I’m going to throw myself off of the roof. And that takes ingenuity because I can’t get up there without him.

I shan’t bear any more couples.

Even if I do love them dearly.


🧙🏻‍♀️: So we could split two tabs of acid between three of us but we’d have to figure out how much that is…
💁🏻‍♀️: does not think, only bursts out answer that’s two-thirds
🧙🏻‍♀️: sheepishly right…math’s not my strong suit

My fraction game is fire. Do the kids still say that? Fire?


All I want to do is run away and join a group of ruthless mercenaries. They wouldn’t tolerate tears. And then maybe mine would stop.

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