Halcyon on and on

  1. Cast photo from Hackers. I wanted to live this life so badly as a kid. Not the rollerblading part because that never appealed to me. Just the sophisticated teen hacker who squeaks because of their bondage leather bit. I’ve since met every single one of these characters out here. They exist. I’m obviously Angelina Jolie. Obviously.
  2. I looked in the mirror when I woke up and said, damn, you look good. Even my hair looked good.
  3. Barbs last night, but as a diner. I was a little scared of messing something up and taking up space in a not cool way so I called Asani before showing up and told her to give me a signal if I needed to get lost or done something wrong. Her response was: Get here as fast as you can so I can kiss your face.
  4. I met with my new friend Rafael and his boyfriend Charles. I ordered for the table because I didn’t want a night of “We haven’t even looked at the menu.” But my orders were “Please just have them send us whatever. Dealer’s choice.”
  5. I ate seven Luxardo cherries.
  6. I sat next to a cute couple of literary lesbians with matching glasses and hairdos. I think they were both charmed by Nikola’s looks (fools!!) and the music choices (not fools!) and our discussions. One of them, Elissa Bassist, just had a memoir published and got eight minutes on The View last Friday during which her 11 years of toil were reduced to quips and aforisms and cliches and fortune cookie wisdom. We talked movies and I brought up the high heel seen in Single White Female.
  7. Asani gave me a tour of the parts of Barboncino I’d never been to. My favorite parts? The day coded masking tape in vibrant colors. The anchovy fillet tins. And the massive can of luxardo cherries that I would steal, eat, and immediately regret. I would bathe in that liquid. I sort of did when I ate the seven cherries. I got a bit sticky.
  8. Caithlin showed up after close and melted in just fine. That makes me happy because mixing friends can be volatile.
  9. Twice I disrupted someone from negging someone else. It’s just not the bive I want. Kindness is sort of our brand. Don’t be a dick to my friends to get your jollies off. I think I was suble enough that no one picked up on it.
  10. I had an unsettling dream that was probably the product of a conversation with Nikola, an SNL skit about being a plus one at a club, and those damn cherries. I dreamed that I was staying in an apartment in LA with Nikola’s college friends and we had to go on a day’s long drive on the highway to get there. I kept my eyes closed the whole time because it was dark and rainy (sound effects provided y the NYC production team) but I was rolling my eyes because the other people in the car were very L.A. and I couldn’t stand them.

That’s not a reflection on anyone in real life. I just find most people cringey.

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