Reyes Magos


• 1937’s The Awful Truth is great. It’s the film that turned Archie Leach into Cary Grant.

• My whole closet fell on me and I’m banged up but fine. Even my fingers hurt.

• Rafael and I pulled a two day zoom convention of work. I hope we put the show together because I really do like working with him.

• We realized it was Three Kings day, so we investigated where to get a rosca. Rafael ordered it from a place in Bushwick and we made plans to drink hot chocolate and eat bread together.

• Caithlin and I went for a walk and talk around the park with warm drinks.

• We met back up with Rafael and the rosca at my place and Ubered it to his where Charles was chilling. I brought Abuelita hot chocolate and marshmallows (and tortillas for Rafael).

• We talked traditions, King Herod, the three stars in Orion’s Belt, blah blah blah. Rafael and Caithlin both found babies in their pieces of bread so they will be making/purchasing tamales.

• Caithlin and I went out for Israeli food. The falafel, especially the roasted eggplant, was phenomenal. And the Guatemalan guy there gave us samples of foods to try. I gave him the rest of my rosca.

• More walking, over five miles in total, back home.

Really lovely. Productive. Fulfilling. Invigorating. Wholesome.

I’ve been downing pain meds all day. Tomorrow I have to put together a CV, fill out LLC formation docs, and draft a participation waiver.

This is what I love doing. This is what makes me smile.

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