Oasis is the greatest band ever

There’s this SNL sketch burned into memory of CSPAN coverage of Parliament where Will Ferrell proclaims his love of Oasis by asking the Prime Minister to recognize that Oasis is the greatest band ever.

For the record, Oasis is not the greatest band ever.

This post is about me, as are all my posts, and how frustrated I am that someone I love very much has to grow up so we can just hang out and inspire one another.

Matty’s right. Why aren’t you just playing together?

And then I remember how impatient I am. That’s what comes of being smart and perceptive in certain ways that others are not. Waiting around for everyone to catch up kills me.

At the same time, it took me forever to click on as a human. But that perceived loss of time makes me want to rush even more.

We could be doing so much good for each other if we only got out of our own ways.

Remember your tarot for this year, Vene. You have to get comfortable with uncertainty. There are forces at work outside of your control and perception. Persist. You’re Mars is in Taurus. Being persistent, even when you cannot see the horizon, is your jam.

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