Painting and listening to music. George Michael’s Monkey comes on and I laugh because it’s ridiculous. Then it hits me what the song is really about and I say…fuuuuuudge. Only I don’t say fudge. Cuz yeah. Tim Gunn said once on Project Runway about desensitization that when you enter the monkey enclosure at the zoo […]

Do autistics dream of neurodivergent sheep?

While I sit in bed, watching videos of cute babies on Instagram, and waiting to see if I caught COVID on Thursday, I think of the weirdest stuff. In the 2020’s, in America, corporations have the rights of natural humans without the responsibilities and robots can assume the property of natural humans without having to […]

In love with a psycho

I watched American Hustle yesterday. It’s been so long that I’ve been into someone that Christian Bale as a con man WITH the comb over is looking good enough that I’m like, “I wouldn’t say no.” So then I tell myself to get a grip. The movie ends and immediately AppleTV starts playing this show […]

Reyes Magos

Bulletpoints: • 1937’s The Awful Truth is great. It’s the film that turned Archie Leach into Cary Grant. • My whole closet fell on me and I’m banged up but fine. Even my fingers hurt. • Rafael and I pulled a two day zoom convention of work. I hope we put the show together because […]