When I was a child, I spoke as a child

So here’s a thing that happened in MPLS. We went to a concert. I wore my onesie pajama. The grey one with the rainbow stripes. And my silver sequined Uggs. And my sparkly clear glasses that belong on Elton John. And my blue hair that I forget I have because I don’t really have an […]

Three years and counting

So here’s an example of what it was like being a child to a narcissistic parent. I would wake up in the morning and my mother would present me with something she’d crafted over night. Maybe a painted lunch box or a sweatshirt with appliqués on it. I would go to school with this object […]

It wears me out

Two people explained a concept to me in different ways this weekend and it’s been helpful. I get very strong indicators of a person when I meet them. I know things about them within the first five minutes. Some people feel deceitful immediately. They feel dangerous. But I’m the only one who sees it. My […]

The last goodbye

When I was doneI didn’t wish him harm.Well, maybe that he’d lose his hair. But I don’t wish him loneliness.I wish him so many women.That he might chase my memoryTil his dying dayAnd that all others shouldTaste like sand in his mouth. And that his daughters would wish to be just like me.


You know…looking back on it, the words that have broken my heart have rarely been dramatic. Well, except in Danny’s case when he sprung it on me that he’d secretly moved into an apartment under the cover of dark and was leaving me because I‘d stolen his youth, ruined his life and turned him into […]

Don’t Cha Come Back No More

When you have autism, sometimes your feelings come before you name them. I can spend three days figuring out what’s going on, pinging off of known emotions and going through movies and songs, before I actually do. I don’t like it when people disappear and come back and disappear and come back. That’s really what […]

The Fall of Crown Heights…

One, I went to multiple galleries with Sisa’s ex-roommate Rafael. Sisa is a Peruvian indigenous filmmaker who sometimes works at Barb’s. Rafael is a 22-year old artist from Tijuana. Border kids unite. We walked around SoHo with his boyfriend who renovates residential properties, so he and I had a million things to talk about. Then […]