It wears me out

Two people explained a concept to me in different ways this weekend and it’s been helpful. I get very strong indicators of a person when I meet them. I know things about them within the first five minutes. Some people feel deceitful immediately. They feel dangerous. But I’m the only one who sees it. My […]

Takeaways from today’s Unfinished Live 2022 talks at The Shed

I virtually attended a conference today. Everything about the future of tech/engagement/IP/civil discourse/art/literature/hacking/etc. Cool stuff. Here are some preliminary takeaways: 1. The role of red teams:A red team is a group of people who play devil’s advocate in order to secure feedback. We all have blind spots. I’m autistic and we’re excellent at pointing out […]

Autism Speaks Speaks for itself

In preparation for my panel later this week I’ve been combing the interwebs looking to see what’s out there in terms of assisting autistic adults with job placement. And then I have to take breaks because it’s not great. I’ve been reaching out to autism organizations that claim to help autistic people get jobs. From […]

Safety dance

Yesterday Harry and I went to see Everything Everywhere All of The Time at The Alamo in Brooklyn. It’s so great in so many ways. Think The Joy Luck Club meets The Matrix. I cried even. The message was extra special because I got to watch it with someone who for me embodies the core […]

Rebuilding year

I’m having a rebuilding year. It’s something I have to remind myself of. By the end of 2020, I was really at the top of my game when it came to adulting tasks and creativity. I could read about chaos theory while caramelizing onions and then write this poetic prose stuff that broke my own […]

Next time

Precocious kids are lonely kids. We try saying the things we feel to see if anyone else feels them and we get weird looks and silence. We bottle it up and try to play along and wonder why everything that was ever meant to be satisfying just isn’t. We’re wrestling with a lot and (unless […]

I don’t look talk like I’m from around here

So part of the journey of self-exploration has been in getting to witness the autistic diaspora. When autism is discussed in a vacuum, rarely does ethnicity come into play. Like most things, autism is discussed from a white place. A male place. A privileged place. A parental place. A neurotypical place. But the great thing […]