Takeaways from today’s Unfinished Live 2022 talks at The Shed

I virtually attended a conference today. Everything about the future of tech/engagement/IP/civil discourse/art/literature/hacking/etc. Cool stuff. Here are some preliminary takeaways: 1. The role of red teams:A red team is a group of people who play devil’s advocate in order to secure feedback. We all have blind spots. I’m autistic and we’re excellent at pointing out […]

When the tears come streaming down your face

Kristen reminded me of Jeff Daniels’ existence so Instarted rewatching The Newsroom. Typical Aaron Sorkin formula. Frank Capra American optimism with sardonic humor. It reminded me of when I used to watch MSNBC daily. When I used to do political stuff. News cycle adrenaline junkie stuff. Midway through S1:E4 you hear Coldplay’s “Fix You” (manipulative […]

Da na na na ta…

I broke my toe nail last night in a dream. In my dream life those tiny things are just as overwhelming as they are in the waking. I was back in Tucson, as who I am now. There were two people fighting for attention. Someone new, and the ex. I was happy to see him. […]

I am free

A lot of people I love dearly have never been head over heels in love. They ask me what it feels like. I explain it in terms of neurotransmitters. Serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin. How each of those feel independently. I explain it in colors. In the feeling in being enveloped in a weighted blanket. Of floating […]

New Soul

There’s this voice that sometimes speaks to me and says, “Vene, what do you think you’re trying to accomplish? There are so many healers and thinkers and artists better than you who are already much more successful than you.” But a new voice has come back to rebut it recently, and it says this: “Vene, […]


Heaven and hell may all exist simultaneously. Freedom is found within. To do things with intention and conviction. To feel engaged in the course of one’s life. To feel agency instead of subjugation or mere passivity. Last night I saw the crescent moon dangle over the Brooklyn skyline and I felt the joy of being […]

I just want your extra time and your…

Jack and I have been talking on and off about moves and when to make them: do you tell someone you want to kiss them or does it take some of the yummy anticipation out of the not knowing? After all, you can’t kiss someone for the first time twice. We’ve argued all sides of […]

Take Me To The River

Some things are bigger than us. There exist secret, intangible currents that carry us away on journeys we can’t consent to or predict or navigate in the moment. All we can do is trace them on maps from memory once they’ve concluded. Was there a moment…in the moment…when I knew? With him, yes. Moment after […]

In a world full of people

While washing the dishes right now, it came to me that the reason people want us to love them, at least when it comes to Mikey and me, is that our love can’t be bought. It can only be earned. To have our love shine on them feels good. I remember when I figured this […]