Well I don’t care about history

When I was 12 or 13, my parents knew a younger guy in the golf scene. His girlfriend was this flawless beauty. She ran a clothing shop out of La Paloma called Sutton’s. Everything about her was effortlessly cool. Even her handwriting. She sent my mom a card on business stationary once. The script was […]


There was a humble stuccoed house down in Imuris that my father used to take me to when I was a little girl. It had once belonged to his grandfather Cirilo, a blacksmith. My father spent his summers there as a child. He’d wake up to the smell of his step grandmother Julia roasting coffee […]

Hillary/Hilaria: what’s in a name?

I grew up a white-appearing girl in American border town with an American mother of Mexican ancestry and a Mexican father who’d immigrated to the US at the age of five. We lived two miles from Mexico and I could see the lights of our sister town on the Mexican side from my house at […]

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were older

There is a condominium complex in the beachfront town of San Carlos. The exteriors are white stucco with rod iron stairs leading to the second floor and curved terracotta tile topped porches. Inside are glazed terracotta floors and tile countertops, dark wood accents, built in couches, and outdoor sitting areas with views of the Sea […]

Now John at the bar is a friend of mine

There was this kid I grew up from middle school with who was whip crack smart. He was popular and a jock and nothing but trouble. The mouth on this kid both annoyed me and fascinated me. I didn’t know how he could pull quotes and references outta nowhere on the fly. Meanwhile, I could […]

That’s my daughter

Between fourth and fifth grade my parents took us to Orlando to go to Disney World. I had caught bronchitis immediately before this in Huntsville, Alabama at Space Camp. Ok, soak that in. I was a privileged brat. But a sickly one, so you can relate to me as a mere mortal. Anyway, one day […]