Lucky star

Just got home and now I will catalogue my embarassment of riches for the evening: I met Rafael at the gallery he works at on the LES. It’s called Marc Straus after the owner. The gallery was closed and Rafael had work to do so I got a private view of all four floors. It’s […]

All my friends

All my friends are like: “Have you seen Raven Part 4? It’s based on the Cartouche series that came out originally in black and white and just got reissued with holographic ink?” Or “Have you played the new Aggretsuko video game where you have to sing karaoke death metal to save the planet?” Or “Have […]

War time consigliere

Maybe there is no despair in promises unkept. Maybe the words spoken into the world act like a bridge over an impassable ravine. And once passed, they have served their purpose. The magic of a promise is in the pact of envisioning a mutual future in which it can be fulfilled. Together we knit stitches […]

Oasis is the greatest band ever

There’s this SNL sketch burned into memory of CSPAN coverage of Parliament where Will Ferrell proclaims his love of Oasis by asking the Prime Minister to recognize that Oasis is the greatest band ever. For the record, Oasis is not the greatest band ever. This post is about me, as are all my posts, and […]